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schnorks: Hello again. I have returned.
Swimfan4u: sure
Swimfan4u: Interesting...
schnorks: Why did you produce a line without actually saying anything, you fool?
Swimfan4u: I just had to....What're u... Shakespeare? No one says that anymore!
schnorks: ....?
Swimfan4u: Intersting.
schnorks: Is that like the internet, only with more bees?
Swimfan4u: Suppose I said yes.
schnorks: That would make me very happy
Swimfan4u: Perhaps it would.
schnorks: So say yes
schnorks: ....
Swimfan4u: Are u in high school?
schnorks: No, I am in my home.
Swimfan4u: R u serious?Describe your surroundings to me.
schnorks: I am surrounded on all sides by darkness. I emege only at night to pick fruit from a nearby orchard.
Swimfan4u: Do you mind if I tell other people you are .Cool. Ask me another questions :-)
schnorks: I would prefer thatyou keep this conversation confidential.
Swimfan4u: What would make you ?
schnorks: A cash payment
Swimfan4u: How old r U ?
schnorks: i am 78 yrs old i don't knooow how to unse this thing very welll
Swimfan4u: I don't know why it happened, but we should try to figure it out.U have no idea how smart I am
schnorks: ...right
Swimfan4u: I am glad we agree.
schnorks: Let us stage an investigation that will span many months.
Swimfan4u: I am agreeable to that.
schnorks: Ok, you start looking for clues, and I'll question witnesses
Swimfan4u: Next question?Okayyyy...
schnorks: I thought you were commited to this project!
Swimfan4u: Couldn't say.
schnorks: Do you have problems with expression?
Swimfan4u: Everyone has problems.
schnorks: I am 100% problem-free
Swimfan4u: It's good to meet someone who is .
schnorks: ....
Swimfan4u: Whatever.