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Schnork Stuff

Welcome to my NEWLY UPDATED index page. About time, right?
Except now I'll have to update this at some point when it's no longer new. ...but then it would be new again. So I guess I don't ever have to update this again!

Photographs I have taken

My photography and stuff
--Includes all of my old, boring, outdated webcam pictures.
Orlando 2003 pictures that I'll put up later
Dresser of fun

Other fun pictures of fun

A really bad and cliched Pokey fancomic
Fancomic for Daily Dinosaur Comics.
Comic I made years ago for "Comic Week"

Form I filled out for some dumb website
Random MS Paint doodles: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)
He's a mean one, that Grumblie
My mIRC color scheme during Halloween
Map of my old bedroom
schnorks dances!
My future home in Star City. Drawing skills were more off than usual

Birthday cards:
Yumblie (21)

More fun stuff

I decided to make up lyrics to an Axelay remix. (Download) (Lyrics) (Source)
Techno recording
A crazy RMB Gang style story
I rock out in STYLE: (Old) (New)
A few conversations I had with a random AIMer: (1) (2) (3)
A couple of IM sessions with a really terrible bot promoting the movie Swimfan: (1) (2)
Spacecow is PRANKED!
For a while, making movies on was a big fad. Here's what we archived.
One time we invaded the chatroom of this really stupid guy named Matt.
List of venues for TMBG's Venue Songs.